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模板:[总述主题(who, when, what)] The students in our class took part inan activity of “Experience a Low-carbon Day” during the Labor Day vacation.
[描写经过(以时间为线索)] In the morning, we went to the park by bus instead of going by car. At noon, when we dined out in a restaurant, we refused to use the disposable chopsticks served there, and instead, we each took with us a lunchbox in which there was a pair of chopsticks and a spoon.
In the afternoon, we went shopping at a supermarket, and in the meanwhile we put what we had bought into clothbags to avoid the damage the free plastic bags caused to the environment.Although it was hot at night, we didn’t turn on the airconditioners but used electrical fans to cool ourselves down.
[表达感想]The activitylasted only one day, but we have learned a lot from it. We realize that we should take actions for our earth from the small things around us. In this way, we are sure to live in a better world.

模板:(调查的时间/对象/内容)Last week, we did a survey among 2,600 students on “Who Is Your Idol”(调查结果) The survey shows that half of the girls choose film or TV stars as their idols, while 48% of the boys favor sports stars. As the data shows,“parents” ranks the secondfor the girls, but the fourth for the boys.
However, the percentage of the boys choosing “great figures” is the same as thatof the girls. (我的偶像及理由) As for me,Thomas Edison is my idol, because hisinventions have greatly changed our life。

模板:If you want to have an enjoyable birthday,the first choice is to spendthe special moment with your parents by having dinner together. Besides,you can invitesome friends to a party to share your happiness. Last but not least,plant a tree onthat day to remind you of your good memory on your birthday.

模板:(引出讨论话题) Last week our class had a discussion about whether students can chatonline, and there are two different viewpoints about it. (赞同观点的人数及理由) About 62% of myclassmates agree that students can do so because they think chatting online isan exciting and relaxing way of recreation.
Besides, they can make friends and broaden their horizons by chatting online.(转折) However,(反对观点的人数及理由) 65% of themdon’t agree because they think it is a waste of time, energy andmoney. What’s more, they believe some students may be misled or cheatedbecause cyberspace is actually  wherethings are unreal or fictional.

模板:(表明观点)A group-dancing competition will be held in our school and the monitorcalls on everybody to take an active part. While most of my classmates arestill hesitating whether to participate, I have signed up for it.
(说明理由) Generallyspeaking, there are two reasons for my decision. (理由一) First, it is agood opportunity for me to relax myself, which will enable me to study moreefficiently. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which clearly shows usthe importance of relaxation. (理由二) Besides, I think I am a good dancer after learningto dance for more than five years.
Participating in the contest will be a good chance for me to show mydancing skills and make some contributions to the class.
(总结点题)For the two reasonsmentioned above, it is no surprise that I have such a strong enthusiasm on group-dancingcompetition.

模板:(采访的时间、对象和主题) Last weekend, I had an interview with Professor Wang, an eye-doctor, concerning theissue of short-sightedness of school children in China.
(近视率及人数) According to Professor Wang, slightly more than half ofthe school children in our country are short-sighted, ranking thefirst in the world. He also pointed out that the causes for short-sightednessare so complicated that no medicine can cure short-sightedness.
(专家建议) He suggested that school children avoid overusing   their eyes and do more outdoor activities.He particularly reminded us that how to hold a pen is also related toshort-sightedness.

February 12th,2011 Friday                                Sunny
  Today is my dad’s birthday. (描述经历) This afternoon I went tothe shopping center downtown and bought a present for him. Then I took thesubway home. Sitting on the train, I thought my dad would bevery happy when he saw the present.
At the nextstation,an old lady with two heavy bags got on the train and stood in front ofme. She looked tired. I hesitated for a moment, and then offered my seat toher. The old lady thanked me a lot. (谈感受) Seeing her smile, I felt happy. Iwill always be ready to help others in the future.

模板:                             Notice
The English Language Club is to hold a discussion on whether it’s theonly way out for high school students to go to college on Nov20. All membersof the club are required to be present at the lecture hall of the teachingbuilding at 7:00 p.m.
Anyone who is interested is welcome. After the discussion, Mr. Smith, ourforeign teacher, will be giving us a talk on the differences between Chineseand western educational systems. Once again, you are welcome to join usand I’m sure we will enjoy a meaningful evening.
English LanguageClub
Nov. 8

9. 类型:记叙文
模板:It was 7:15 on the morning of May 8,2011. I was walking along Park Road towardsthe east when an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of thestreet. Then I saw a yellow car drive up Third Street and make a right turn into Park Road.
The next momentthe car hit the man when he was crossing the road. He fell with a cry. The cardidn’t stop but drove off at a great speed heading west. I noticed the driverwas a young woman and the plate number was AC864. About two minutes later Istopped a passing car and took the old man to the nearest hospital.

10. 类型:观点对比类(调查报告)
模板:(引出调查对象和内容)The Students Union made a survey about what is happiness among 100students of our school.(一些人的观点及理由)32% of the surveyed students think wealth ishappiness because they think they can buy anything if they have much wealth.
(转折) On the other hand,(另一些人的观点及理由) 45% of them think that they should be ingood health so that they can enjoy whatever they like. (另一些人的观点及理由) What’s more, the rest 23% ofstudents believe that a man with much knowledge, which will bring him a brightfuture, is the happiest. (我的观点及理由) From the survey I know different peoplevalue happiness differently.

11. 类型:观点论证
模板:(提出观点) Self-confidence plays an important role in anything we do. Just as Edison said, self-confidence is the first secret ofsuccess.
(论证) It is clearthat self-confidence means trust in one’s own abilities. (正面论证) If you are fullof self-confidence, it will bring you creative power to play, arouse yourenthusiasm for work, and help you overcome difficulties; as a result, yourdreams will come true.(反面论证) On the contrary, if you have no confidence inyourself, there is little possibility that you would ever achieve anything.Failure will be following you. It turns out that all your plans will fall through.

12. 类型:介绍中国古文化
Dear Liz,
    I’m happy to hear that you’reinterested in ancient Chinese coins, and I’m writing this letter to tell youabout the Kai Yuan Tong Bao coin.
[朝代材质形状]The Kai Yuan Tong Bao coin, which was made of bronze and widely usedduring the Tang dynasty, is a round coin with a square hole at the centre ofit. [历史意义]It saw the economic development of the Tang dynasty, and its use put anend to the Wuzhu coin, which had been used for over 700 years.
It became the standardof other kinds of coins after the Tang Dynasty and it played a very importantrole in coin development history. I hope this will help you learn a little moreabout ancient Chinese coins.
     If you have time, you canvisit Chinaand have a look at other interesting cultural things here.

模板:(承上启下,引出经历)I had an unforgettable experience. Last winter, I got a job in afashion shop. Every day I had to constantly help the customers to try on newclothes and pack clothes for them.
(谈感受)Not until thendid I realize that it was not easy to earn money and I would reduce my expensesand try to make money to support my family.

14. 类型:学习心得/故事寓意类
模板:From the story we learn that we ought to be kind to the people who havedone something unpleasant to us, and try to forgive their rudeness and impoliteness.Meanwhile, learn to be grateful to the people who have helped us out. It is becauseforgiveness and gratitude are good virtues that every one in our society shouldpossess.
(When someone hurts us,we should take it down in the sand where winds offorgiveness can erase it away. But when someone does something good for us,we must carve itin stone where no wind can erase it.)

15. 类型:列举证据
As the pace oflife quickens and the pressure from our work increases, some people say that weare becoming more gloomy and unhappy with each passing day. They also hold thatif we laugh more often we will feel happier and be healthier because “laughteris the best medicine.”
What they sayseems radical, but in fact not radical at all. Laughter can really bring us alot of benefits. First, laughter has a similar effect to physical exercise. Itnot only speeds up our heart rate, increases our blood pressure and quickensour breathing, but also makes our facial and stomach muscles work. Next,laughter is a kind of pain relief.
When we laugh, weproduce a kind of chemical materials in our body that helps us to relieve pain.Third, laughter helps us feel healthy and alive. Each time we laugh, we feel betterand more content. Finally, laughter helps to ease the tension between people.Sometimes when people are going to quarrel with each other for one reason oranother, a humorous remark leading to laughter can help settle the argument.

16. 类型:说明事物的重要性
模板:(总说重要性)Reading is of great significance in our life. (列举)To start with,reading broadens our horizons and makes us smart and wise. In addition, we canentertain ourselves through reading, making our life more colorful.
Finally,we can gain a lot of knowledge from reading,which equips us withknowledge for our future in the fast-developing society.

17. 类型:不同看法
[提出问题]What does beauty really mean?
[引出观点]Everybody has his own definition. [一种看法]Some students think that agood face is a letter of recommendation. Good appearance often makes a bigdifference in social communication, competition, finding jobs and so on. Notonly can it help you become more confident, but also it helps you be impressed.Physical beauty is likely to draw much attention.
[另一看法]Some students have different opinions. They hold the view that goodappearance will buy no beef. Spiritual beauty is more important. A beautifulperson is not the one with a good looking, but with a broad and kind heart.
[归纳对比]As is known to all, the standard of beauty changes with differentsocieties, cultures and nations. Some hold the point that the beautifulappearance is of great importance, which is visible to all. Others have theidea that the spiritual beauty is the loveliest one, which lasts long.
[结论]However different it might be, their opinions are all acceptable.

18. 类型:说明异同
模板:(先说同)Originated from British English, American English has a lot in commonwith  British English in meaning, grammarand other aspects.
(转折) However, (后说异) with the development of society, there are manydifferences in vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and so on, (分析异之原因) because ofdifferent social backgrounds and the ways of people’s thinking.(举例说明异) For instance,“autumn” is British English while “fall” is used in American English.

19. 类型:赞成或反对型
模板: [反对] I don’t agree with the idea of high school students studying abroad (表明观点). For one thing,they may meet with plenty of problems, such as language barrier andhomesickness, which will of course affect their study(理由一). For another,studying abroad costs a great amount of money which will certainly burden theirfamily(理由二).
[赞成] More and more high school students are sent to study abroad to broaden theirhorizon and receive better education (现象及观点). Personally, I think it agood idea to learn something different from our own country (理由一). Besides, goingabroad may improve their foreign language, which will help a lot in theirfuture career and enable them to live independently (理由二).

20. 类型:利弊优劣类
典例:说明家教(private tutoring)的利与弊
模板:(总) Private tutoring has caused a heated argument these days. (先说利) For one thing, private tutoringcan help students learn more, which may improve their studies (第一条).
For another, it may help themlearn in a more relaxing way(第二条). (再说弊) But just as the saying goes, every coin hastwo sides. Children are unlikely to think independently if private tutoring isavailable, which may influence their ways of thinking.

21. 类型:现象分析
典例:环境污染(environmental protection)
模板:(说明现状) These days we often hear that our living conditions are getting moreand more serious because of the pollution of our environment. It is common thatmany trees and animals are becoming extinct, and  many important food chains have been badlyaffected.
(分析原因) Why does such circumstance occur in spite of social protection? (原因一) For one thing,the population of the world is increasing so rapidly that the world has been socrowded.(原因二) For another, the overuse of natural resources has influenced thebalance of natural ecology.(原因三) What is more, since the industrialrevolution, it is natural that a great number of factories have been springing up.The smoke and harmful chemicals released from factories also pollute theenvironment.
(解决方法) To solve the problem is not easy, but we can  do something such as planting more trees,equipping cars with pollution-control devices and learning to recycle naturalresources to improve the present situation, and I do believe everything will bebetter in the future.

22. 类型:假设处境类
模板:If I behaved badly in class, I would first telephone myteacher to say sorry to him or have a face-to-face talk with him to beg him toforgive my unwise behavior. If the teacher were still angry, then I wouldwrite a letter of apology to him to express how sorry I was for my misbehaviorin class.

模板:(概述)Good teachers should possess some good qualities. (举例)Take my headteacher as an example. Mr. Lee, a man with wide knowledge, not only treatsevery student fairly, but also trusts us and encourages everyone to work hard.What’s important, he is patient with us and never laugh at our mistakes. Withhis help, we’ve made greater progress in our studies, so he is popular with allthe students.


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